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 Transaction details

Block4689250 | 231177 Confirmations
Time:2017-12-07T05:48:16+00:00 (a month ago)
From✔ Bittrex (0xfbb1...)
To 0x2740b1cdE58B2Ff4984E32Da779dC5bdb5eE3656
Value0 ETH |  0 USD
Fee0.00351 ETH |  $3.34
Gas Price70.1 GWei
Gas Limit150,334
Gas Used50,057
 Invoked   0xa3C1E324CA1ce... sending 0 ETH consuming 1051 Gas of 124474
 Delegate call to   0x2740b1cdE58B2... sending 0 ETH consuming 122588 Gas of 122588
 Invoked   0xa3C1E324CA1ce... sending 0 ETH consuming 702 Gas of 118453
 Invoked   0xa3C1E324CA1ce... sending 0 ETH consuming 680 Gas of 115676
 Invoked   0xa3C1E324CA1ce... sending 0 ETH consuming 660 Gas of 112854
 Invoked   0xa3C1E324CA1ce... sending 0 ETH consuming 768 Gas of 110348
 Invoked  ✔ Bittrex (0xfbb1...) sending 1.1369 ETH consuming 0 Gas of 2300
 Invoked   0xa3C1E324CA1ce... sending 0 ETH consuming 2693 Gas of 99664
Function sweep(_token:address=0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000000, _amount:uint256=1136900000000000000)
ToolsParity Trace
No error (231177 Confirmations)