Gas Price Oracle

ATTENTION: Please consider migrating to our more accurate mempool based gas price oracle available here.

INFO: This tool tries to make a prediction on the gas price that needs to be paid in order to get a transaction confirmed within a certain number of blocks. It uses the method published by EthGasStation. Please note that all values given here are just an estimation based on the current network condition and should only be used as an indication of the gas price to use. An API endpoint for this data is also available.

Base fee

Current base fee

8.2 GWei

Suggested max. fee

16.6 GWei

Priority fee (miner tip)

Save Low (< 30 mins to confirm)

0.1 GWei

Normal (< 5 mins to confirm)

0.1 GWei

Fast (1-2 mins to confirm)

0.3 GWei

Fastest (Confirms in 1-2 blocks)

1.6 GWei