Welcome to the new etherchain.org. Right now we are still in limited feature mode. Over the next week we will continue to add new functionalities to the platform. Stay tuned!
INFO: Ethereum allows miners to dynamically adjust the network capacity by voting on the block gas limit. This table shows the voting behaviour of each miner during the last 24 hours.

Miner Block Gas Limit Voting

MinerVotes UpVotes DownLargest UpvoteLowest Downvote
✔ Ethermine (0xea67...)87519080000297961068
✔ f2pool2 (0x829b...)75220280231318000000
✔ ethfans.org2 (0x5a0b...)184979960707933984
✔ Nanopool (0x52bc...)4307080000298000029
✔ miningpoolhub1 (0xb293...)3526980000298000029
✔ bw (0x8499...)1126480116887950246
✔ bitclubpool (0xf3b9...)0162-7957997
✔ DwarfPool1 (0x2a65...)5610280117087961142
✔ pandapool (0x6b7d...)392080116497962713